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wsbpel-liaisons message

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Subject: Con call - Thursday 25th Sept, 2 p.m. EST

Hello everybody,

Its been a while since we had a Liasion's sublist con call. There has been
much discussion the last few days around Liaisons and also some interesting
proposals for upcoming Liaisons.

I was wondering if Thursday, 25th Sept 3 p.m. EST is suitable for all. ( I
apologize for the short notice ). If not, are either Friday or Monday better

The agenda for the call ( please feel free to add to it )

1. A quick recap of the objectives of the Liaison
2. BCM Liaison
3. W3C WSDL 1.2
4. Potential Liaisons of the Implementation Sublist
	- JSR 207
	- JSR 208

The call in numbers ( special thanks to Diane for organizing this ) -
Toll Free 	: 877-988-8393
International 	: 203 566-8013
PassCode	: 484868

Many thanks,


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