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wsbpel-primer message

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Subject: WS-BPEL Primer

Dear WS-BPEL Primer SG,

Attached is a new revision (1.7) of the WS-BPEL Primer (wsbpel-primer-draft). I have also checked this into CVS. This revision contains my reorganisation of data in Section 7 to better combine with the structure in Chapters 4-6. 

There are a number of remaining issues we should resolve in the primer:
- Note that I have maintained the captions for the examples in Chapter 7. We need to consider numbering these captions in a consistent manner. I highly recommend using the [Chapter]-[Example] format (where examples are renumbered for each chapter) so as to make it easier for readers to follow. 
- We need to complete Section 1
- We still need to write Section 3. 
- I've provided an outline for Section 8.1 and will complete it in the next revision


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-----Original Message-----
From: Dieter Koenig1 [mailto:dieterkoenig@de.ibm.com] 
Sent: 16 February 2007 05:53
To: wsbpel-primer@lists.oasis-open.org
Cc: Simon D Moser; Diane Jordan
Subject: [wsbpel-primer] WS-BPEL Primer

Dear WS-BPEL Primer Subgroup,

Simon and I checked a new revision 1.6 of the WS-BPEL Primer into CVS (also
attached here). This revision contains substantial updates of the concepts
chapters 4-6. We consider chapters 4-6 ready for a review by the whole
WS-BPEL TC, which has been originally targeted for the second half of
   (See attached file: wsbpel-primer-draft.doc)

Additional comments:
 - All Editors: chapters 1-3, 8, and appendix A do not yet appear to be
ready for a TC review.
 - Charlton: chapter 7 has a number of places where concepts or even
definitions of WS-BPEL constructs are introduced. We believe that concepts
should be explained in chapters 4-6, and Simon and I are committed to
fixing holes there as they are discovered in the TC review. Instead, we
think that chapter 7 should focus more on applying these concepts to the
concrete business scenario.

Kind Regards
Dieter and Simon


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