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wsbpel-primer message

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Subject: Re: [wsbpel-primer] WS-BPEL Primer

Hi all,

I think I have finished my first round of review of Primer.

I have finished most chapters already.  I am only half done with chapter 7. In the middle of my review, I am thinking we may want to have a "slimmer" approach for chapter 7:
  • We may want to trim down this section. We don’t need to show all activities usage here again.  It's kind of repeating what we said in chapter 4-6.  
  • How about draft a complete process first. Then, illustrates the development by decomposing in a step-by-step fashion ?? And, it would be nice to make pieces of the actual example work together.

I will work with Khanderao to check in a verison into CVS including Khanderao's changes for Chapter 3 and including my changes and comments for the whole Primer doc.

Regarding my changes: they are 90% for technical corrections (e.g. xpath / xml syntax issue) and applying terminologies and editing style consistently, which should not be controversial. If there are some changes that you guys don't like, we can go over them and reject those changes as needed.


Alex Yiu

Khanderao Kand wrote:
Thanks. I will now update chapter 3.

Charlton Barreto wrote:
I have made some updates to the WS-BPEL Primer in CVS, including adding content for Section 8.1. The latest version is attached as well for your convenience.



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