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Subject: RE: [wsbpel-primer] Work plan for remaining primer action items

Hi Diane,


I went over some of these items with Alex w.r.t. Chapter 7. I have uploaded a rev of the primer to CVS for the primer sc to review.


  • I’ve found some more places in Chapter 7 which could be better streamlined. I have made changes as appropriate therein.
  • Alex & I agreed that we should have the process defined and introduced at the beginning of Chapter 7. I have started this work at present. It will take some time to complete this part.
  • I’ve completed section 7.1.24 on compensation handling.


Some more work is needed to integrate Chapter 3 with Chapter 7 (as the introduction to Chapter 7.1) and to complete the Timesheet Submission process definition therein as well.




From: Diane Jordan [mailto:drj@us.ibm.com]
Sent: 24 April 2007 15:11
To: wsbpel-primer@lists.oasis-open.org
Subject: [wsbpel-primer] Work plan for remaining primer action items


When we sent the primer review request out to the TC, we had the following list of work remaining to be done.    Lets plan to spend some time on/after the TC call tomorrow on plans for addressing these.  I've also added the one comment we received by email to fix Danny's name.

  • Chapter 7 may contain too much information about the constructs rather than the application.  An attempt was been made to cut out as much descriptive material as seemed appropriate.  Alex and Charlton will review together and see if more can be done.  
  • Also in chapter 7, should the entire process be discussed.  Charlton will work on this while the initial review is going on.
  • Chapter 3 should be moved to become section 7.1.
  • Section is not completed yet
  • Section 6.2.3 (Abstract process profile for templates) should have a sentence added saying there's an example in the spec.  
  • We need to verify that no internal cross references are broken by the changes in sections.  
  • Fix Danny's credit to say: Danny van der Rijn, TIBCO Software

Regards, Diane
IBM  Emerging Internet Software Standards
(919)254-7221 or 8-444-7221, Mobile: 919-624-5123, Fax 845-491-5709

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