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Subject: notes from issues call Jan 28

Yaron Goland,  Monica Martin and I participated in the call today.  Notes from our discussion:  discussed:
- agenda for next week will include the issues proposed for vote.  Since there may be more than we can do on the call, we'll go through them according to the date of the proposal to vote.

- in our opinion the phone based voting seemed to work smoothly and we'll continue to use it when needed barring some as yet undisclosed problem.

- when proposals call for issues to be closed with no change to the spec we'd like to make sure the rationale is included - eg, they are non-essential extensions or too complex or whatever the reason is.   I'll bring this us with the spec editing team (which has been generating many of the proposals lately and the full TC next week).  

- there are a number of issues that are likely to take a lot of work  and for some of these, there aren't clearly good solution alternatives.  We agreed it would be good to try to go through the list of issues and see if we should persue champions for some of these. (I won't have time for a few weeks, but welcome any efforts the rest of the team can contribute to this).  

- this gave rise to a discussion about the possibility of creating an "errata" list for the spec at some point which could include the explanation for issues that are closed where the solution is the best alternative we were able to identify at this time, but is still somewhat suboptimal or incomplete (an example might be handling of capabilities evolving but not final in the WSDL group).  Something similar might be possible for  those issues that are closed with no change to the spec for this version but which might warrant reconsideration at some future time.  Having the rationale in the issue resolution should make it possible to create these later if that is desired.  We would not expect these to be included as part of the spec, be normative or be a formal deliverable of the TC.  
Regards, Diane
IBM  Dynamic e-business Technologies
(919)254-7221 or 8-444-7221, Mobile: 919-624-5123

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