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Subject: issues coordination call Feb. 11

Participants:  Glenn Mi, Peter Furniss, Monica Martin, and I.  

We proposed a change to the time of the call to Wed. 4PM eastern - this may make it easier for the west coast participants.  If I don't hear otherwise, that will be the time for our calls going forward, starting with Feb. 25.  

For the next meeting, we have issues 69 and 70 with proposals to vote.  Issue 53 is not expected to be ready for further discussion.  

I will go through the categorization suggested a while ago by Satish for some of the earlier issues and see if I can "volunteer" champions.

We discussed whether issues were being closed just to close issues.  Some of the ones that have been closed with no changes to the spec may have been due to initial misunderstandings that were resolved as people became more familiar with the spec.  These are discussed in the TC calls prior to closure and any remaining questions can be brought up.  As these get closed, we should consider whether there are opportunities to clarify further in the spec.   I'll mention this to the spec editing team as well.  

Peter mentioned that an area that could bear with further clarification is the relationship between abstract and executable processes (Issue 82).   He's seen misunderstandings of this in various places in the industry.    Phil Rossomondo and Ben Bloch have started a discussion on how to address this issue but it hasn't yet reached the full TC mail list.  I'll ask them when they might be ready to engage the full group.  

Monica will share a view of issue categorization she has been working on before the next TC call.  We'll cover it in new business and ask that anyone who'd like to participate in a more indepth discussion as part of planning for the next TC agenda join us on the issues call Feb. 25.

Regards, Diane
IBM  Dynamic e-business Technologies
(919)254-7221 or 8-444-7221, Mobile: 919-624-5123

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