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Subject: issue categoires

Title: Message
I've just uploaded a "working copy" of the issues list with an extra table of "Area", taken from Monica and Ivana's list (using Ivana's value where there was one).
It was rather easy to just load in a single string (which I shortened in some cases). It would be a bit more complicated to load in multiple values but could be done if thought necessary. (Most of the mechanisms are there but they, or my memory of how they work, are a bit rusty)
I can easily change an "area", but I'd suggest we don't get too official about them. One shouldn't make an issue of the issues. (I've called the groupings "area" because "categories" is already in there and used rather differently (and not at all  consistently)
Unless advised otherwise, I'll upload the then-current list as a TC document some time tomorrow.

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