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Subject: issue coordination call Mar. 10

My apologies to those of you who may have been confused about the time for this.  As was discussed 2 calls back, it was held at 4pm eastern.  I updated the OASIS TC calendar yesterday which generated an email to you so I did not send an additional reminder.  Yaron and I were the only participants today.  

The main topic I'd like input on is the agenda for the f2f.  While the categorization Monica and Ivana have provided helps with identifying related topics, its not clear (to me at least) that any particular ones stand out as ready for discussion as a group.   After kicking around the problem of how to organize the agenda, Yaron and I thought that it should have any issues the TC members want to suggest for vote or discussion first and then we should work sequentially through the issues list starting with 1.   Related issues can be brought up when we get to the first one in the list - for example, when we do number 1, those in the category with 1 might be brought up, as well as any others people think are related.   I'm open to suggestions for a better approach, but this makes some sense to me at this point.
Let me know your thoughts.
Regards, Diane
IBM  Dynamic e-business Technologies
(919)254-7221 or 8-444-7221, Mobile: 919-624-5123

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