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Subject: Fw: [wsbpel-reqts] Groups - Issues coordination call - agenda addedmodified

Monica Martin, Tom Freund and I were on the call today.   Notes on the discussion:
- how to handle issues from non-members

we'd like to be able to accept these - the suggestion was that when we get such issues, we put them in a "pending" state and at the next TC meeting ask if there is any objection to opening them.  We might also want to ask for a "sponsor" to submit it formally.  We can cover this at the next meeting to make sure everyone is ok with it.
- agenda for next call:

proposals to vote on: issue 37, 91, 97, 99, 101
- Would like to talk about how to tackle the issues related to 91,97 and 99 (107, 82 and 109) so we can move forward on these.  

Since Yaron didn't make the call, we weren't able to delve into the 91,97, 99 dependency tree.  The discussion on 107 at the last call didn't seem to be moving very directly toward a resolution.  
Yaron - any comments?

discussion of issue 34
We discussed whether it would be appropriate to formulate a proposal to vote at this point and to what extent the alternatives should be included in it.  Monica will prepare one that focuses on stating the bpel requirements vs calling out the WS-Addressing spec.  I asked that the alternative discussion include some thinking on deferring action on this till we are closer to finalizing the spec so that whatever we decide to do is based on the most current status.  
Monica mentioned that she may not be able to participate on the call next week - she'll let me know by Friday if this should be deferred to the following tc call.  

- any updates on action items agreed to in f2f for:  75, 83, 108,11, 103.  

We didn't talk about this but I'd like to go through these action items and ask for status on the TC call next week.  Let me know if you have any concerns with this.  
- start list of possibilities for handling votes at next f2f (assuming we may not have quorum)

I'm putting together a list of things we might do to avoid the problems with voting we had last time and will circulate it first to this group and then the full TC before the next f2f.  Monica suggested we specify times for people to call in to vote.  I suggested that we might want to align those times with the roll call.
I noted that we have been strictly enforcing the rule that if you miss two out of three meetings, you get a warning and if you miss the next one you get changed to observer.  Since we haven't had trouble in general getting to quorum (only at f2f's) we have not been strictly enforcing the part about the chair having discretion to change people who have a pattern of consistently missing 2 out of 3, however we do remind people to consider switching to observer if this is the case and many have.  
- discuss vote on dates for next f2f.  After the last call, I was told that WfMC is meeting in SF on June 21-23 (1pm) thus ovelapping the plans we adopted to hold our meeting June 22 through noon June 24 (tues, wed, thurs).    

I'll mention this at the next tc call and ask if there is interest in reconsidering our vote and moving the dates of our meeting to all day June 23 and 24 and half day June 25 (Wed, thurs and fri).  

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