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Subject: notes from issues call June 16

Notes from our call:
Attendees: Yaron, Peter, Monica, Diane.
I seem to have lost my notes from the call, so this is being written based on memory - I invite those who were on the call to add/correct.  

We discussed the agenda for the f2f, in particular the issues portion.   Note that the issues with proposals to vote are the priorities in the agenda.  The others in the list (in parens) are those in related categories which we will ask the TC to review and consider whether any action is appropriate at the meeting or as follow on - it may be that we take a look at them and move right on.  Note that some issues appear in multiple places - this is because they have multiple categories assigned. We will try to manage the timing of the agenda items to at least cover the issues with proposals to vote.  
These are the issues with proposals to vote in order of when the proposals were submitted.  Where multiple issues in a category have proposals to vote, we will discuss them together based on the earliest date of the proposal.  If more proposals for votes are sent before Fri pm (eastern time) I will add them to the agenda.
issue 107, 91, 97, 99  and other issues related to abstract processes (82, 109).  We will ask for a report from the abstract subgroup before starting the specific issue discussion.  
issue 37, 44 and 114 and other correlation issues ( 8,11,26,31,37,52,65,66,78,96,118,120,122,123,126)
issue 34, 128  and other related standards issues (15, 71, 86, 87) and and other partner link issues (65, 124, 127)  
issue 84 and other syntax and validation issues (9,44, 88,92,100,106,110,111,113,116,125,129)
issue 105 and other spec editing issues (98)
issue 1/issue 10, 2, 43  and other scopes issues (119, 121), state management issues (6,28, 64,81,115,116),  and compensation issues (108, 115)

Other issues that may be worth discussing based on recent email, etc.
issue 103 proposal and other data handling issues (11, 12, 51, 63, 100, 102, 112, 126)
issue 98 was proposed for discussion - it can be covered in the spec editing discussion when we do the vote for 105.  We discussed putting together a table of the various choices for names/versions and having a vote after fairly short discussion.  

Some of the discussion points (that I remember) from our call:  
- Yaron now thinks there should be a resolution to 82 before we address 107 et al.
- since there has been discussion of 34 in several previous meetings, I plan to ask folks to limit their comments to anything that brings new thoughts or information to the group.
- the name of the spec is an issue folks have said they don't want to spend a lot of time on.  I propose to make a table of choices, have limited time on the discussion and hold a vote (we may want to do a straw poll first to determine if we have disagreement).  
- its unclear that 103 will be ready for any conclusive discussion.  Yaron has a paper on xpath in process that he thinks will require more consideration prior to folks being ready to make a decision.  
- we will truncate discussion on the "other" groups if necessary to keep on track to cover those issues where we have proposals for voting.  

It appears likely we will have quorum at the f2f.  I have done an assessment of attendance warning patterns and identified approx 5 people who have received 3 warnings since Jan.  I will ask those folks to consider switching to observer or taking a leave if they are not planning to attend.  

We were asked by a new member of the TC to change the time of the issues coordination call to 11am eastern.  This hour is frequently in use on our calendars to accomodate other business we do with Europe and the US west coast.   I will poll some of our european members and also make sure the new member understands the type of work we do on the calls.    If it appears the change will improve participation, we will move the call but will plan to limit it to a half hour.

Let me know if I missed anything.
Regards, Diane
IBM  Dynamic e-business Technologies
(919)254-7221 or 8-444-7221, Mobile: 919-624-5123

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