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Subject: issues coordination call June 30

Attendees today:  Peter Furniss, Yaron Goland, Marcia Perry and I.  Highlights of the discussion:  
- discussed various views on the idea of producing a primer.  At least those of us on the phone seemed to be in agreement that this should come after the spec, not before.  Otherwise, there were diverse opinions.  

- issues for discussion on the next TC call:  
-> 107, 91, 97 99: vote deferred.  Will ask Phil for an update on the abstract subgroup progress.      
-> issue 2: deferred.  Ivana to provide date for proposal.
-> issue 115
-> issue 118
-> Yaron plans to get a proposal out for 126
-> any others the arrive before Friday.
Other possible issue discussions:  
-> discuss summary of issue 123 provided by Yuzo
-> proposal on 103:  update on Alex and Yaron's work on this.   Yaron said he expected his paper would be ready for review among the more interested TC members before the next call.  It doesn't seem likely that we'll be ready for a full TC discussion next week, but an update would be nice.  
-> if issue 118 passes, is there an action we can take/plan for for issues 123, 26 and 96.  

- The plan to raise the bar for proposed enhancements after Aug 15 is a good one to help us move toward a committee spec even though in some cases, it may cause folks to pay more attention in the short term to those proposals than to resolving open issues or uncovering remaining bugs.  

- Based on the schedule discussion last week, we will expect to have at least 3 more f2f meetings - one in Sept to go through proposals and other issues, one in Dec by which time we're hoping to have a final draft committee spec and one in Mar '05 when we would target submission to OASIS as a standard.   We noted that this is an optimistic schedule.  
- This is the short list of action items I took from the f2f:  
 - issue 123 - summary of discussion from yuzo
- issue 92:  alex will send proposal (after work on 103 and any action related to implications for 100)
- issue 128,  Kevin agreed to check the examples in the spec for other potential WS-I violations and notify the spec editing team when changes are appropriate.  Kevin will also post his review to the list, enabling the TC to see the changes that the spec editing team will need to make.
- 88: paco will start email/propose something
- issue 10 - satish to open two new issues  
 o        2 new issues will be created (based on the withdrawal of part 2)
       Clean up the mess around isolation
       Constrain the default compensation order  (compensation occurs in the reverse of the forward order when the forward order is defined)
- ivana to provide date for proposal for issue 2
- danny - request explanation of 120
Let me know if I missed any.  Some of these have been done already - I will do follow up after the next TC call if any are outstanding.

I will be traveling next week but will call in for the TC meeting if possible.  John is planning to run the call.  

Regards, Diane
IBM  Dynamic e-business Technologies
(919)254-7221 or 8-444-7221, Mobile: 919-624-5123

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