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wsbpel-spec-edit message

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Subject: today's discussion

These are the salient points of what I believe we discussed.  With a
couple of suggestions from me.  Please let me know if I missed

* Diane is getting the CVS site set up.  For the moment there will be an
IBM logo on it.  Diane, can we check with OASIS whether they would
object to having an OASIS logo there?

* We agreed to use Word to edit the document, but keep it in HTML form.
We will use Word's change tracking feature.  I am able to reopen the doc
I just sent and see both changes and who made them.  Please verify that
you can do the same.

* We will periodically (roughly once every two weeks) publish the
current draft to the OASIS TC site.  We did not discuss whether we would
remove change marks and publish a clean document, but that is what I
would suggest.  This will be for private access by TC members and
observers only.

* We will mark version numbers by bumping up the version number in the
document and in the document name every time the document is checked in.
The date next to the version number inside the document will also be
kept current.

* We will decide when to publish a version for the public.  One
possibility is that we will do this just before or just after each face
to face meeting.


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