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Subject: Issue 32 - threads

The resolution for issue 32 was a one-sentence response.  Looking at the 
notes, I see that I asked that we clarify and expand on the wording.  Now I 
remember why.  The entire spec does not mention the word “thread”- this 
despite a section on concurrency.  I know that we are trying to be platform 
neutral and assume a lot of implementation specific criteria, but we cannot 
talk about threads without taking about a lot of other things.

For example:
Thread synchronization within BPEL
Thread safety (locks on resources, etc) within “programming language code”
Thread model (Monitor, semaphore, etc) between/within “run-time environment”
Kinds of threads (POSIX, win32, etc.) between /within OS
Categories of threads (Kernel, User, etc.) within OS.
CPU (Von Neuman architecture, MP, etc).

I know that the above list may be going a bit too far, but not all code is 
written in languages and run-time environments that make that thread usage 
transparent not are they run on OSs that are implementing threads – these 
are all assumptions that need to be clarified.

So, starting at the top, I would like to have an understanding on the BPEL 
thread model (assumed or otherwise).

What do you think?

-- Sid.

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