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wsbpel-spec-edit message

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Subject: revised all current changes

I have uploaded a revision (1.12) with changes to the language inserted
for issue resolutions.  Hopefully this increases clarity and
correctness.  If you feel otherwise please let me know.

Sid, I pretty much replaced your paragraphs for Issue 32 resolution with
a much shorter paragraph inserted in two places.  Note that the boundary
crossing issue you tried to address was already addressed in the
original spec just before 12.5.1.  I did not understand what
interactions you saw with serializable scopes.

Paco, I think we need an actual import example in the process examples.

I have changed the revision history to try to be consistent with the
history as seen in CVS.  A CVS revision 1.xx appears as our revision
1.0xx.  This way we can always stay correct even if we slip up in
maintaining the revision history in the document.

Everyone please try to apply changes under your actual name.  BEA staff
(Yaron) is not great though obvious but Administrator (Sid) is worse ;-(

If there are no further issues we should propose this as the first
official specification draft reflecting the TC's work.


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