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wsbpel-spec-edit message

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Subject: 12/17 meeting canceled retroactively

Only Sid and I were on the call yesterday.  So the call officially "did
not happen".  Sid and I did discuss various things including closing
down the large number of "clarification" issues that are still

I am also canceling the 12/31 call.

I would like to have an ad hoc call in the first full week of January
since otherwise our next call will be on 12/14.  I will optimistically
schedule for 12/8.  Agenda for that call

1. Discuss Yaron's comments on the last edit cycle.  Separate the "new
issues" he raised regarding import from editorial comments, and act on
the editorial comments.

2. Assign closed issues for editorial updates.

3.  Discuss strategy for closing clarification issues (this needs to be
in conjunction with the issues committee).


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