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wsbpel-spec-edit message

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Subject: Agenda for tomorrow

I made a pass over the latest draft checked in some minor changes -- the biggest one is a change to Kartha's update to comform the usual separation of standard faults into the executable extensions section.
Kevin, your updates were showing in the wrong font -- I fixed it.
Made other minor corrections.
The schema changes for 74 need help.  The maxOccurs for sources/targets should be 1 (I changed it).  But the schemas for targets and sources need review -- among other things they are not conforming to the element form for joinCondition.
We need to discuss how to incorporate the resolution of 72.  Ben has already commented that some of the text does not belong.
We have resolutions of 80 and 95 to incorporate.
We need to get done and upload a draft to the OASIS site by the next TC call so we can vote on adopting it as the next draft at the F2F.
I have invited Alex Yiu to join the editing group since he has been working on the schemas and has offered to help us with that and other areas.

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