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Subject: Input for call today

My schedule has gone haywire today - I will call in, but will be in transit to another building and have a hard stop at 4:30, so our discussion won't be all I hoped it could be.  I've also heard that Yaron and Monica may not be available.  So, here are some thoughts we could have discussed - lets get some reactions going by email.  

Here is what I think we have currently in the wings for next week's call:
- vote on 37 (no input that I'm aware of from those who volunteered to provide further analysis and a possible alternative).  
- vote on issue 34/proposal to defer
- defer vote on 107 pending progress in the group working on abstract processes.  Will ask Phil for a report.  
- proposal on 103:  Alex and Yaron are still working on this - they seemed to think its unlikely to have a resolution by next week, but we should check with them.  
 - issue 75 proposal
- issue 83

I took advantage of the spec editing call today to solicit ideas for the f2f agenda.  Here is what we came up with (largely driven by issues in the list above that we don't expect to close next week - if we do, we'll need another strategy):  
- issue 107 and other issues related to abstract processes.  Hopefully there will be some results from Phil's subgroup to review.
- issue 103 and other data handling related issues.  Alex's view was that we could use the f2f to discuss 103 which should make it possible to propose a resolution for the next call.
- issue 75 and other compensation related issues, including issue 10 which Satish continues to work.  (Since Satish is working on issue 10, we'll keep this onthe agenda even if 75 closes next week).  Since issue 1 is related to 10, we'll also include that and scopes.  
- issue 37 and other correlation issues.  (Again, if issue 37 closes next week, we'll find another topic).
- any other issues people want to get discussion started on

Before next week I will send a list of those ideas folks have generated for managing votes if we don't have quorum at the f2f - we can discuss them on the TC call and decide if any thing different should be adopted.  I'll send a preliminary list to you all and finalize before the TC call on Wed.  

Regards, Diane
IBM  Dynamic e-business Technologies
(919)254-7221 or 8-444-7221, Mobile: 919-624-5123

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