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wsbpel-spec-edit message

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Subject: call today 9:30 PDT

Sorry about being tardy with this.  I have been swamped - vacations have
evil consequences.  We have a lot of issues to incorporate.  Once we
finish with this we are charged with producing a clean draft.  The focus
today should be on making a schedule for the resolved issues (list
below).  I realize that there is unfinished technical resolution
business related to Issue 10.


Issue 1
Permeability of scopes

Issue 10
Serialization of compensation

Issue 34
Dependency on Proprietary Specifications

Issue 37
Initiating Correlation Set More Than Once

Issue 43
Setting up Periodic Alarms

Issue 44
portType is duplicated on Invoke activity and partnerLinkType

Issue 75
Locally Scoped partnerLink declarations

Issue 84
Require Static Analysis Description & List

Issue 94
Allow both "compensate" and other activities in compensation or fault

Issue 105
XML namespaces used in spec and examples need to be defined

Issue 114
Multiple Correlation Sets

Issue 126
Event Handlers with local partnerLinks & Correlation Sets

Issue 128
WS-I BP Incompatible WSDL Import

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