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Subject: Updated process for opening new issues post Aug 15

Here is an update to the process for opening new issues based on the resolution passed today - it changes the requirement for opening a non-bug issue to approval by 2/3 of members in attendance (as long as the meeting is quorate) rather than a formal super majority which involves 2/3 of the full voting membership.   New text is in italics.

1. proposed issues will be reviewed on the TC call if they are received 7 or more days before the call.  (Thus this one will be reviewed on the call Sept 15).  

2. on that call, we will first ask if there are any objections to opening the proposed issues as a bug.   If there are none, we will open the issue, end of process.

3. If there are objections, we will have a vote (requiring simple majority) on whether it is bug related.  This will be not be done immediately - it will be done either by web ballot starting immediately after the meeting or at the next meeting (in this case the f2f on Sept 21-23).   The decision on whether to use the web ballot or wait till the next meeting will be based on whether we desire further discussion about whether it is a bug or not on the next call before the ballot.        

If the ballot results in it being considered a bug, we will open the issue, end of process

4. If the ballot to declare it a bug doesn't pass,  there will be a second ballot, held right away (for this eg, Sept 21-23), on whether to allow it to be opened.  

---------> The vote to open a non-bug issue will require approval by 2/3 of the members in attendence, rather than a simple majority.  No vote will be held if the meeting is not quorate.  
If the ballot to open the issue passes, we open the issue, end of process.    

If the ballot to open the issue does not pass, the issue will move directly to closed status and the "revisitable" flag will be set, end of process.  

Again, just as an example, best case we could decide this is a bug and open it on the call Sept. 15, or worst case, it could be Sept 21-23 before we've resolved what to do.   (This is one week less than most cases because the f2f in Sept means we have meetings 3 weeks in a row).  

Regards, Diane
IBM  Emerging Internet Software Standards
(919)254-7221 or 8-444-7221, Mobile: 919-624-5123, Fax 845-491-5709

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