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wsbpel-spec-edit message

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Subject: agenda for tomorrow's conf call ?

I actually don't have an agenda for tomorrow.  I believe all issues ready for incorporation have been incorporated.
Peter, 146 and 149 are in so please take them out of the "to be incorporated" list.
We can keep this short.


From: Alex Yiu [mailto:alex.yiu@oracle.com]
Sent: Tue 9/7/2004 10:03 PM
To: Alex Yiu
Cc: bpel spec
Subject: [wsbpel-spec-edit] Regrets for tomorrow conf call 

Hi, all,

It's my turn to be vacation. :-)  Taking one day off tomorrow.
Please accept my regrets for the tomorrow (Sept 08) conf call.

Alex Yiu

Prasad Yendluri wrote:

> Hi,
> It is my turn to be on vacation :) I will be out all of next week.
> Please accept my regrets.
[stuff deleted]

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