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Subject: Summary of my commit

For issue 137 I completely rewrote section 8.1 to make it a lot more 
concrete and illustrative (the existing text never even used the word 
property) and then deleted a few sentences from 8.2 and added in some 
normative language around refreshing property values and assigning to 

For issue 166 the language I put into 14.3 is:

The assign activity is treated as if it were atomic. This means that the 
assign activity MUST be executed as if, for the duration of its 
execution, it was the only activity in the process being executed. The 
mechanisms used to implement the previous requirement are implementation 

For 175 it wasn't immediately clear to me which section was best but 3 
seemed the least awful. Here is the language I inserted:

While WS-BPEL attempts to provide as much compatibility with WSDL 1.1 as 
possible there are two areas where such compatibility has proven 
impossible. One area, discussed later in this document, is in fault 
naming. The other area is in support for overloaded operation names in 
WSDL portTypes. A BPEL processor MUST reject any WSDL portType 
definition that includes overloaded operation names. This restriction 
was deemed appropriate as overloaded operations are rare, they are 
actually banned in the WS-I Basic Profile and supporting them was felt 
to introduce more complexity than benefit.

For 178 I inserted the following language into section 13:

All handlers on a scope are lexically subordinate to the scope and so 
can access all variables, partnerLinks and correlation sets defined on 
the scope and its linear ancestors subject to any restrictions unique to 
the handler type specified elsewhere in this document.



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