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Subject: RE: [wsbpel-spec-edit] Proposed text for issue 170 (RESEND)

This is my interpretation of this problem as I understand it (since I
missed the editors call this week I am not sure I have the complete context
of the discussion). I hope it helps.


The wsdl:fault message only describes contents of the Detail element in a
fault; however, the Detail element cannot be used for header-generated
faults; in that case the soap:fault that is generated goes in the body but
contains no soap:detail element. The detail information is included in the
header specified by the wsdl-soap:headerfault element, if present. The
element that specifies this information is determined by the message
definition named by the wsdl-soap:headerfault element. BP 1.0 also allows
detail to be provided when the wsdl description does not specify it (in a
wsdl-soap:fault or wsdl-soap:headerfault binding element).

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