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Subject: Fw: IBM OSS - Project Migration Instructions

I haven't had time to look at these yet, but wanted to pass them along anyway so I do not delay us in case you all see problems or have questions.  Let me know if you have any rather than the oss people......  

Regards, Diane
IBM  Emerging Internet Software Standards
(919)254-7221 or 8-444-7221, Mobile: 919-624-5123, Fax 845-491-5709

----- Forwarded by Diane Jordan/Raleigh/IBM on 01/17/2005 05:19 PM -----
Mayank Dhamija/San Jose/IBM

01/14/2005 06:59 PM

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IBM OSS - Project Migration Instructions


As you may know, the IBM Open Source project for which you are an administrator is to be migrated from www-124.ibm.com to the SourceForge.net project hosting environment.  Please review the following procedures regarding your project's migration and  take the necessary actions described in the details below.  If you have any questions or concerns regarding the migration of your project, please contact Donna Milling at dmilling@us.ibm.com.  Thank you.

Assisted Migration - Project Migration Roadmap:



Redirects for projects to be hosted on any server other than www-124.ibm.com will be implemented by February 21, 2005.  All projects from
http://oss.software.ibm.com will be redirected via DNS to
http://apps.alphaworks.ibm.com where the projectName (described below) or groupID will be
captured and used to redirect users to the project’s new hosting environment, as hosted by SourceForge using the following URL:

.  All other content will be redirected to http://www-130.ibm.com/developerworks/opensource/, except for
projects which are hosted elsewhere from SourceForge.net and provide an updated URL as to their new hosting environment.

Time Frame:                February 7, 2005 – February 21, 2005

Completion Date:        February 21, 2005

Project Migration

Sourceforge.net currently serves the needs of a vast variety of open source projects and has a very large open source
community which can be very beneficial for driving interest and building a community around any given IBM Open Source technology.  We estimate that
40 of the OSS projects contain enough data to qualify for migration to Sourceforge.net.
 The instructions below are provided to help your project
determine the scope of the migration from DeveloperWorks to SourceForge.net. Additional instructions will be provided post-migration.  If you have
questions or concerns regarding these instructions or the migration process, please contact Donna Milling at dmilling@us.ibm.com.

Time Frame:                February 7, 2005 – February 21, 2005

Completion Date:        February 21, 2005

**Noteworthy and Related Dates:

Preliminary Data Migration:                                 January 17, 2005

Your Project's Write Functions to Cease on dW:         February 7, 2005

Data Migration Completion:                                 February 18, 2005

Directions for Creating a Project on SourceForge.net

1.  Creation of a SourceForge.net account

An account will be created for you by the SourceForge.net team when migrating projects from www-124.ibm.com to the SF.net hosting environment.  You will be notified of the account details via email.
 If you already have an account using the same email address as your DeveloperWorks account, that existing account will be used.        

2.  Registration of your project with SourceForge

Your project will be registered with SourceForge.net as part of the migration tasks performed by the SourceForge.net team.   The necessary information (described below, will be collected from the current hosting environment on www-124.ibm.com).  

Information that will be registered with SF.net as part of the project migration:

a.  Project name (shortname).  3 - 15 lower-case alphanumeric characters that are used to uniquely identify your project everywhere.  (Not modifiable once the name has been created).  This serves the same purpose as the project name on OSS.  You may use the same OSS name or change it.  If you would like to change the project name, please notify Donna Milling immediately (before the migration start date of February 7, 2004).

b.  Project title (actual name).  40 characters maximum.  A more descriptive name than the one discussed in step a above.  As on OSS, this is the descriptive text that appears on the title of the SourceForge pages.

c.  Short description.  10 - 255 characters of information that describes your project.

d.  Business justification.  200 characters - 10 KB of text which explains why your project is justified in a business sense.

e.  OpenSource License. The Open Source license under which your project is currently available.

3.  Configuration of Trove categorization.  This categorization shows up just under your project's short description and provides a lot of useful metadata about your project.  Information about your project stored within the Trove will be available via your Project Summary page, in search results and the Software Map. It is important to categorize your project within the Trove since this is the primary way that SourceForge.net site users will find out about your project. Trove categorization can be performed once your project has been migrated to the SourceForge.net hosting environment.

4.  Configuring the rest of your project.  Your project will be configured as it currently exists on www-124.ibm.com.  All data available for features utilized in the IBM OSS hosting environment (including CVS, Mail Lists, Bugs, Patches, News, Web Pages, and Download Files), and also available on SF.net, for your project will be migrated and implemented during the migration period.  Existing stats data will also not be migrated.  Your existing maillists will be migrated to SourceForge as-is.  However, SourceForge.net provides a feature for hiding maillist postings, so that you may later set undesirable posts to not display.

5.  Webpages

Once your account has been created and your project's web content is exported to the SF.net hosting environment, you will be supplied with your account details.
 Using these details, you may log in to the SF.net hosting environment via SSH and edit your webpages as needed.  Please ensure that the paths for your web pages are relative.  Else, the pages may not function properly.  Also, header files which may be used for your project web pages, will forwarded to you within the next few days.  Please use the provided header for your web content as suggested so that we may maintain a uniform look for all IBM OSS projects hosted on SF.net.  We encourage you to perform these tasks as early as possible, once your account information is sent to you, so that visitors to your project in the SF.net hosting environment may be able to access your web pages without any problems.  Please refer to the 'Helpful Links and Contact Information' section below for further details regarding SSH access to SF.net.

Note: All elements of your project, including mailing lists, CVS repository items, Bugs, Patches, etc. will be migrated to SourceForge.net as part of the service provided by the SF.net team.  *In order for the transition to be manageable, we encourage you to discontinue write operations to your project between February 7, 2005 and February 18, 2005 in the developerWorks project hosting environment.  This will ensure that we can provide a smooth transition between hosting environments in a timely manner.  All elements modified in the IBM OSS hosting environment during and after this time period will not be transferred to SourceForge.net.

6.  Data Backup.  Please ensure that you back up your CVS repository and web content on a regular basis.  SourceForge.net currently does not provide backup services for these elements.  SourceForge.net, provides backup services solely for use in the event of system restoration; they do not provide per-project on-demand restore.

Helpful Links and Contact Information






If you have any questions or concerns during the migration (or post migration) of your project to SourceForge.net, please contact Donna Milling at dmilling@us.ibm.com


Mayank Dhamija
IBM alphaWorks Development
External Line: (408)863-4369
T/L: 560-4369

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