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Subject: Fw: SourceForge.net migration of IBM DeveloperWorks projects: status update, accountcreation notices

fyi - lets discuss today if there are any questions

Regards, Diane
IBM  Emerging Internet Software Standards
(919)254-7221 or 8-444-7221, Mobile: 919-624-5123, Fax 845-491-5709

----- Forwarded by Diane Jordan/Raleigh/IBM on 02/09/2005 11:46 AM -----
Jacob Moorman <moorman@sourceforge.net>

02/09/2005 11:13 AM
Please respond to

cliss@users.sourceforge.net, bluehocadmin@users.sourceforge.net, dwootton@users.sourceforge.net, shaggyk@users.sourceforge.net, cabbey@users.sourceforge.net, hindm@users.sourceforge.net, mmaximilien@users.sourceforge.net, jt400admin@users.sourceforge.net, dvianney@users.sourceforge.net, sjmm@users.sourceforge.net, abali@users.sourceforge.net, mihajlov@users.sourceforge.net, kjagger@users.sourceforge.net, dianejordan@users.sourceforge.net, duftler@users.sourceforge.net
Donna K Milling/Austin/IBM@IBMUS, Marc Goubert/Almaden/IBM@IBMUS, Mayank Dhamija/San Jose/IBM@IBMUS, Patrick McGovern <pat@sourceforge.net>
SourceForge.net migration of IBM DeveloperWorks projects: status        update, account creation notices


My name is Jacob Moorman; I am the Quality of Service Manager for

You are currently listed as the seed administrator of one of the
projects that has been migrated from IBM DeveloperWorks to

The following operations have been performed thus far:
1. Your project has been established on SourceForge.net with basic
license detail, description and Trove categorization.
2. Your CVS repository has been set up.
3. Your project web content has been set up.
4. Your mailing lists have been set up.  Email has been sent to you
regarding the list admin passwords for each of the lists we created.
These list admin passwords may be reset as needed by you via the Mailing
List Admin page under your project pages on SourceForge.net.
5. Accounts have been matched and created for all developers of your
projects and developers have been added with basic permissions (ability
to access the project, modify web content, write to the CVS
repository).  As the administrator of the project, you may adjust these
permissions as needed.

Projects are still in a private state, but may be accessed by all
project developers.  Instructions and details of the transition from
private state will be provided to you by email pending completion of the
data migration.

You may proceed to use the above mentioned resources and set up your
project space while the remainder of the migration (Bugs, Patches, News,
Downloadable files) is completed.  An additional status notice will be
sent to you, including further instructions, once the migration has
fully been completed.

You should adjust the permissions of the developers on your project as
needed.  The permissions system of SourceForge.net, though similar to
DeveloperWorks, contains a number of options not previously available to
you.  This includes the option to grant or prevent write access to your
project web content and CVS repository.

This message has been sent to you to provide current status information
for the migration and to make you aware that a notice is being sent to
each project developer on your team that did not already have an account
on SourceForge.net.  (Notice text may be found at the bottom of this

Please contact Donna K Milling <dmilling@us.ibm.com> if you have any
questions or concerns about the migration at this time.'

We at SourceForge.net welcome you and look forward to the continued
growth of your projects.

Thank you,

Jacob Moorman
Quality of Service Manager, SourceForge.net



My name is Jacob Moorman; I am the Quality of Service Manager for
SourceForge.net, the world's largest Open Source software development
web site.

Our staff have been working with the staff of the IBM DeveloperWorks
site to migrate a selected set of projects over to SourceForge.net.
You are receiving this message because you were listed as a developer
on one of the projects that we have migrated to SourceForge.net.

As part of this migration, we have attempted to match the email
address information on file from your DeveloperWorks account against
our existing SourceForge.net user base.  As we were not able to find
a direct match, we have automatically created a new user account for
you, and have added you to the appropriate projects on SourceForge.net.

All new members have been added with basic project permissions only.
A seed admin has been selected for each project, who can adjust the
developer permissions as needed.  (If you examine the Project Summary
page, that admin will be listed in the upper right-hand corner of
the page.)

Account access details:

In order to gain access to your new SourceForge.net user account,
you will need to use our password recovery process.
URL: https://sourceforge.net/account/lostpw.php
Your username: USERNAME
Your email address on file: USER@DOMAIN.TLD

As part of this migration, we have already set up the CVS repository
for the project, if one was previously established.  Developers may
now resume development activity on these repositories (using the
CVS server at cvs.sourceforge.net, per the instructions in our
Site Documentation).

Site documentation is available at: https://sourceforge.net/docs/

The migrated projects are not yet publicly visible; only project
developers may access these projects at this time.  Pending completion
of the remaining data migration for projects, notice will be sent
to project administrators, covering the public relaunch of the
projects on SourceForge.net, notes regarding the migration details,
and future support contacts.

If questions or concerns arise in the mean time, please direct them
to the admin of your project, who will escalate them to the
IBM DeveloperWorks staff managing this migration:
Donna K Milling <dmilling@us.ibm.com>

Thank you,

Jacob Moorman
Quality of Service Manager, SourceForge.net

This email may contain confidential and privileged material for the
sole use of the intended recipient. Any review or distribution by
others is strictly prohibited. If you are not the intended
recipient, please contact the sender and delete all copies.

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