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Subject: [wsbpel-spec-edit] Migration to source-forge and loss of a revision

Hi, all,

I just double checked the draft uploaded to OASIS website. (after migrating to sourceforge)

Unfortunately, I found one of my last revision changes (original rev number is: 1.59) is lost!
 I did check changes into the old CVS at ibm.com successfully.
I guess my checkin happened after migration to source forge BUT before that CVS site was turned off by IBM admin. I would suggest that if we have similar CVS migration in future, the old CVS site should be turned off to public first before migratiing the CVS history to sourceforge.

I guess I need to reapply the changes again to the doc. (Relatively speaking, I have a local copy of changes).

FYI ... here is related changes.
Fixing misc typo in the spec:
(a) Moving terminationHandler from process level to scope level
(b) removing compensationHandler from the process level
(c) renaming an attribute of "scope" from "
variableAccessSerializable" to "isolated"
(d) removing "enableInstanceCompensation" attribute from XSD



Alex Yiu

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