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wsbpel-spec-edit message

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Subject: updated spec committed

I took the job of applying the following issue resolutions: 12.1, 93, 111.1
and 112.

- 12.1 had already been applied (in fact I had already done so a month ago
- we need to update the "Resolved issues awaiting editing into spec"

- 93 has been applied to the spec AND the wsbpel_main.xsd schema. Note that
the last text change for section 13.4 was defined in the resolution terms
of the pre-12.1 text; the post-12.1 text already incorporates an equivalent
change - Yaron, can you please check?

- 111.1 has been applied to the spec, but I agreed to work with Alex on the
schema; I believe Alex will be taking a first pass at updating
wsbpel_main.xsd once he get the pen.

- 112 - I am a bit unsure about what is the final resolution for this one;
Yaron's resolution was amended (by me and Danny) to use the form

<toPart part="ncname" fromVariable="ncname"/>

and to not require a precise ordering of parts; I am not sure if this
amendments apply as well to the <fromPart...> spec, or the <fromPart...>
spec was left as in the original proposal. The minutes do not seem to say
anything so I would appreciate everyone's help in reconstructing what
exactly was decided (Yaron as the sponsor of the resolution probably
remembers better than me) - then I will dutifully apply it to the spec.

So I am keeping the pen for now, pending some clarification on 112.



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