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wsbpel-spec-edit message

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Subject: Next steps in editing and issues list update


Issues 102, 103, 111.1 are done.

The current assignments are

Satish: 86, 130, 139, 186

Yaron: 132, 136, 154

Yaron is swamped at the moment with actual issue resolution work (I
called him).  So I will do my edits this week and then throw the pen up
in the air for anyone to do more before Wednesday of next week.  The
remaining list of issues to be incorporated is long, even after leaving
out the usual suspects.

Issue 119	Transition Conditions and Invoke Fault Handlers

Issue 126	Event Handlers with local partnerLinks & Correlation
Issue 132	In-line Variable Initialization

Issue 136	If-Then-Else Activity

Issue 138	Properties of type element
Issue 140	Until Activity

Issue 148	Explicitly state that solicit/response & notification
aren't supported by BPEL

Issue 154	doc/lit & multiple body parts

Issue 163	languageExecutionFault

Issue 181	uninitializedVariable cleanup

Issue 183	Ambiguity in Rethrow Semantics
Issue 187	Legality of Explicitly throwing or rethrowing Standard

Issue 192	Extensibility of <partnerLinkType>, <role>, <property>
and <propertyAlias>

Issue 194	Faults for uninitialized partnerLinks

Volunteers?  Alex, perhaps you can take care of 192 which is a schema


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