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wsbpel-spec-edit message

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Subject: <until> activity => <repeatUntil> activity?

Hi Yaron and others,

It seems to me there is conflict between <until> from <onAlarm> and the 
new <until> activity.

(Conflict detection ... thanks to W3C XSV and Oracle XDK in Java -
Xerces XSD in Java does not do the detection, while Xerces XSD in C does 
the detection)

  <complexType name="tOnAlarm">
      <extension base="bpws:tExtensibleElements">
              <element name="for" type="bpws:tDuration-expr"/>
              <element name="until" type="bpws:tDeadline-expr"/>
            <element name="repeatEvery" type="bpws:tDuration-expr" 
            <group ref="bpws:activity"/>

Note: group "activity" can point to a "until" activity.

Hence, I would like to suggest to rename the new "until" activity to 

Is that OK with everyone?


Alex Yiu

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