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Subject: Re: [wsbpel-spec-edit] Re: <until> activity => <repeatUntil> activity?

Hi Yaron,

The conflicts are:
(a) tOnAlarm can contain a sub-element of <until> for until-expression
(b) tOnAlarm can also contain an activity, which can be this 
<repeatUntil>/<until> activity.

If we keep the name "until",  the <until> element in the following XML 
fragment will be ambiguous: (is it the activity or the expression?)
    <until> .... <until>

You can just get the XSD from our CVS and change the <repeatUntil> back 
to <until> and submit to some XSD processor that detect conflicts
(e.g. http://www.w3.org/2001/03/webdata/xsv) 
(not Xerces-Java)

Then you will see the problem.

And, "repeat until" is a quite common programming language term.

Google yielded the following links:
Apple Script: 


Alex Yiu

Yaron Y. Goland wrote:

> I don't like the name change and I don't actually see the problem. 
> tOnAlarm is not a normal activity so there should be no conflict. Can 
> you please explain the exact nature of the conflict?
>         Yaron
> Alex Yiu wrote:
>> Hi Yaron and others,
>> It seems to me there is conflict between <until> from <onAlarm> and the
>> new <until> activity.
>> (Conflict detection ... thanks to W3C XSV and Oracle XDK in Java -
>> Xerces XSD in Java does not do the detection, while Xerces XSD in C does
>> the detection)
>> =========================
>>   <complexType name="tOnAlarm">
>>     <complexContent>
>>       <extension base="bpws:tExtensibleElements">
>>           <sequence>
>>             <choice>
>>               <element name="for" type="bpws:tDuration-expr"/>
>>               <element name="until" type="bpws:tDeadline-expr"/>
>>             </choice>
>>             <element name="repeatEvery" type="bpws:tDuration-expr"
>> minOccurs="0"/>
>>             <group ref="bpws:activity"/>
>>           </sequence>
>>       </extension>
>>     </complexContent>
>>   </complexType>
>> =========================
>> Note: group "activity" can point to a "until" activity.
>> Hence, I would like to suggest to rename the new "until" activity to
>> "repeatUntil".
>> Is that OK with everyone?
>> Thanks!
>> Regards,
>> Alex Yiu

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