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wsbpel-spec-edit message

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Subject: editor's call today

Alex, Assaf and Paco attended the call today.

In order to make progress we agreed to split the following list of issues,
identified (by Diane) as requiring small of medium amounts of work. Assaf
and I will take care of half of the list each. I will take the pen and
Assaf will follow. We expect to be done with the issues below by the time
of our next call in two weeks.

"Small Issues"

Issue 138   Properties of type element                      Paco
Issue 139   PartnerLink Semantics                           Paco
Issue 139.1 How/when BPEL can change partner role EPR       Paco
Issue 147   Serial and Parallel For-Each                    Paco
Issue 150   Message variables on invoke and reply                 Paco
Issue 154   doc/lit & multiple body parts                   Paco
Issue 186   Which WS-I BP version should be referenced            Assaf
Issue 202   Use of 'Rendezvous' term is illegal             Assaf
Issue 206   Exit Activity (Immediately Terminating...             Assaf
Issue 209   Inconsistent repeated compensation fault behavior     Assaf
Issue 214   Input/Output Elements on onEvent                Assaf


Issue 119   Transition Conditions and Invoke Fault Handlers       Paco
Issue 126   Event Handlers with local partnerLinks...       Paco
Issue 130   Remove Partner Element                    Assaf
Issue 132   In-line Variable Initialization                       Assaf

The following issues were identified also as "Medium" effort as well. I
suggest other editors  (Yaron, Prasad) step up and pick them up once Assaf
and I are done.

Issue 136   If-Then-Else Activity
Issue 163   languageExecutionFault
Issue 190   BPEL Internal Faults
Issue 192   Extensibility of <partnerLinkType>, <role>, <property> and
Issue 200   Link semantics does not preserve control dependencies

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