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Subject: Re: [wsbpel-spec-edit] Fw: [wsbpel] call Tues Aug 16

I just checked in changes to issues 202, 206, 209, 214 and 132, and 
added the elusive missingRequest fault.

Apparently issues 186 and 130 were fixed before, so I just ended up 
double checking the fixes. Well, now we know.

With 209/214, I did all the modifications specified in the issues list, 
which now raises two new problems:

Issue 209: the resolution states that invoking an installed compensation 
handler more than one is a no-op. the resolution only deals with section 
13.3.3, which is now inconsistent with section 14.7. where do we stand 
on 14.7?

Issue 214: adds fromPart to onEvent, same as receive and onMessage. 
except, when a variable is referenced in onEvent, an implicit scope is 
created for the event handler and the variable is declared in that scope 
based on the type given in the onEvent attributes. what happens when 
someone uses fromPart? are these variables going to be implicitly 
declared as well?

fn:Assaf Arkin
adr;dom:;;1000 Bridge Parkway Ste 210;Redwood City;CA;94065
title:Chief Architect
tel;work:(650) 596-1800

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