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wsbpel-spec-edit message

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Subject: [Fwd: Issue 160 Omission]

Hi all,

Cindy McNally has discovered an editorial mistake when incorporating Issue 160 into the spec. I guess we have another to-do item for editors after the F2F.


Alex Yiu

-------- Original Message --------
Subject: Issue 160 Omission
Date: Thu, 08 Sep 2005 14:26:31 +0000
From: Cindy McNally <cindymcnally_6@hotmail.com>
To: alex.yiu@oracle.com

Hi Alex,

A part of your resolution for issue 160 was left out of revised spec (as of 
cvs rev 1.84.)

"An BPEL implementation MAY provide a configurable mechanism to enable or 
disable schema validation of incoming and outgoing messages during the 
execution of Web Service related activities, e.g., receive, reply, pick, 
onEvent and invoke activities. The details of configuration mechanism is out 
of the scope of this specification."

Without this paragraph, this implies that only explicit validation, i.e. 
using validate activity or validate attrib on assign, is available to users, 
which was not your intent.

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