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Subject: Re: [wsbpel] Groups - New Action Item #0012 Editing team - verify thatthere...

I propose to fix action item 0012 with the following:

In 11.6.1 add the following text in blue:

·         For each activity B that has a synchronization dependency on A, check whether:

o        B is ready to start (except for its dependency on incoming links) in the sense described above.

o        The status of all incoming links for B has been determined.  Note that if the incoming link is leaving an isolated scope,
 then the final status of the link can not be known until the isolated scope has completed (See section 12.6)


In Section 12.6
When the isolated attribute is set to "yes", the scope provides concurrency control in governing access to shared variables, and link state .

Add to the end of 12.6 the following, taken from the Issue 1 proposal http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/wsbpel/200406/msg00093.html and slightly reworded.

Consider a link whose source is nested inside a scope, at any level, and whose target is not nested inside
that scope at any level.  We say such a link is leaving that scope.  Also consider a link whose target is
nested inside a scope at any level, but whose source is not.  We say that such a link is entering that scope.
The status of links leaving an isolated scope will not be visible at 
the target until the scope completes, whether
successfully or unsuccessfully.  If the scope completes unsuccessfully,
the status of links leaving the scope is false regardless of what it was
at the time the source activity completed.  This rule only applies to links
which leave isolated scopes, and does not apply to links which enter isolated scopes.

dannyv@tibco.com wrote:
OASIS Web Services Business Process Execution Language (WSBPEL) TC member,

Danny van der Rijn has created a new action item.

Number: #0012
Description: Editing team - verify that there...
Owner: Danny van der Rijn

Danny van der Rijn  2006-02-08 17:28 GMT
I could not find such mention.

View Details:

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- OASIS Open Administration

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