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Subject: notes from Feb 15 discussion

Notes from our discussion at end of TC call today.  Vinky, Alex, Alexandre, Danny spoke (others may have been present - we didn't redo a roll call)

- Vinky has completed issue 11 and action item 13      
- Alexandre has the pen and is working on issues 110 and 120 and action items 6, 7, 8 and 11.  
- Dieter will take the pen next and do 207, 216, 226, 217 and 229.
- Once Dieter finishes, Alex will update the xsd for those issues
- When Alex completes, Danny will do issue 195 and action items 9 and 14.
As usual when each assignment is done, use an email to let us know the pen is ready to go to the next person.

Other topics:  
- Vinky will continue work on 84 in the background.
- next week we will start discussion on the process we want to follow in the upcoming f2f.  I'm hopeful we'll have a good quorum of the spec editing team present there to help with the finalization of the public review candidate.

We'll try again next week to have our spec editing team discussion at the end of the TC call.  We only have two items on the agenda (241, 242) so it seems likely we will have enough time.  
Regards, Diane
IBM  Emerging Internet Software Standards
(919)254-7221 or 8-444-7221, Mobile: 919-624-5123, Fax 845-491-5709

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