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Subject: notes from july 26

Notes from our discussion today.  Attendees: Alex, Simon, Dieter, Thomas, Danny, Vinky

Work plan:
Dieter has pen and will release it Thurs AM
Vinky will take the pen through end of day Friday and release it then
Simon will have the pen through Monday in Germany
Vinky will get the pen back for Monday in US

Dieter proposes to close action items 19, 35, and 39.  The first two are done or superceded by issues.  He did part of 39 but did not think that labeling all the snippets would improve the spec and proposes to leave it as is (highlighting and formatting distinguishes snippets and examples).   If there are further problems with the snippets, we can handle them on a case by case basis as discovered.  No one on the call objected to this.

The current version of the spec is not properly viewable due to the extensive mark ups.  We will post the current version to the TC for approval as current CD (not public review version) so that changes can be accepted which will facilitate further edits.  This should also allow the TC to get a jump on the review for the public review version.    Dieter will post the doc both with and without changes marked as well as a pdf to the TC.  He'll check in 164 as is and then also check in a clean version as 165.  Vinky will work from 165.  Any changes that result from the review of 164 will be applied on top of the 165+ version.   I will send an email to the TC asking them to review this verions for approval at the next TC meeting if possible.  

Alex will work with Dieter and company on updates to the XSD.  
Regards, Diane
IBM  Emerging Internet Software Standards
(919)254-7221 or 8-444-7221, Mobile: 919-624-5123, Fax 845-491-5709

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