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Subject: RE: [wsbpel] spec editing status - volunteers needed!

** Releasing PEN.  
I have completed the following action items 60,97,144,145,146
Diane, Is Alejandro next?

Vinkesh O.  Mehta

Manager Deloitte Consulting LLP

Mobile: + 1 512 750 2006




From: Diane Jordan [mailto:drj@us.ibm.com]
Sent: Wednesday, August 02, 2006 1:28 PM
To: alex.guizar@jboss.com
Cc: Mehta, Vinkesh (US - Austin); Dieter Koenig1; wsbpel-spec-edit@lists.oasis-open.org
Subject: Fw: [wsbpel] spec editing status - volunteers needed!

Hi Alejandro,
Thanks.  The way we've been managing this is to communicate by email on who has the pen (Vinky has it now) with periodic summaries/calls for help from me and often some discussion at the end of the TC calls on Wed (couldn't do it today due to a hard stop I had for another meeting).  
When an editor is ready to hand off the pen, they check the version they updated into our cvs project on SourceForge and send an email to the group recapping the issues or action items they addressed.  The next volunteer then ack's they've got the pen and gets the updated version from SourceForge.  
I'll add you to the TC spec editing team and to the SourceForge project if you will let me know your id there.  

Since Vinky has the pen now till tomorrow, please don't start any work.  He will send an email recapping what he's finished and from there you can go through the remaining open action items and and issues awaiting editing into the spec (which Peter keeps track of in our issues list: http://www.choreology.com/external/WS_BPEL_issues_list.html#edit_table ).    
Right now, the action item list isn't quite up to date given all the editing recently - I'll get that fixed by end of day today.  

Regards, Diane
IBM  Emerging Internet Software Standards
(919)254-7221 or 8-444-7221, Mobile: 919-624-5123, Fax 845-491-5709

----- Forwarded by Diane Jordan/Raleigh/IBM on 08/02/2006 02:17 PM -----
"Alejandro Guizar" <alex.guizar@jboss.com>

08/02/2006 01:19 PM

Diane Jordan/Raleigh/IBM@IBMUS, <wsbpel-spec-edit@lists.oasis-open.org>
RE: [wsbpel] spec editing status - volunteers needed!

I feel like grabbing the editing pen for a while. I just reviewed the action items list below:


I guess all items without an owner are available. Do I need to do anything special to start working? Where should I put my work when I'm done?

Alejandro Guizar
Sr. Software Engineer
JBoss, a division of Red Hat, Inc.

From: Diane Jordan [mailto:drj@us.ibm.com]
Sent: Tuesday, July 18, 2006 3:39 PM
To: wsbpel-spec-edit@lists.oasis-open.org
Cc: wsbpel@lists.oasis-open.org
Subject: [wsbpel] spec editing status - volunteers needed!

I've gone through and closed the last batch of action items that Dieter worked on per his June 26 email ( http://www.oasis-open.org/apps/org/workgroup/wsbpel-spec-edit/email/archives/200606/msg00021.html).  
These included  63, 24, 46, 59, 64, 125, 129, 16, 25, 28, 53, 57, 68, 74, 79, 84, 94, 96, 100.  I suppressed the individual emails announcing these closures and so am copying the full group on this email.  

Is there anyone who has some free time to devote to editing?  We have 25 remaining action items (35, 37, 39, 41, 48, 50, 51, 52, 60, 62, 71, 77, 80, 83, 88, 95, 97, 99, 108, 109, 113, 133, 134), and 10 issues (82.3, 84, 105, 240, 247, 302, 292, 297, 298, 301 ) awaiting editing into the spec.  84 and 247 have been applied by Vinky, but he noted 3 problems in his email (http://www.oasis-open.org/apps/org/workgroup/wsbpel-spec-edit/email/archives/200607/msg00000.html)   that we need to address before we declare the static analysis table complete.   Please let me know if you can pitch in to make progress on completing these.  
Regards, Diane
IBM  Emerging Internet Software Standards
(919)254-7221 or 8-444-7221, Mobile: 919-624-5123, Fax 845-491-5709

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