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Subject: RDDL and XSD checkin

Hi Diane and others,

I have checked in changes for 2 XSD files in CVS to just update the last 
modified date.

I attach the updated RDDL with the affiliation of Sid and Mike and the 
dates listed updated.

I also created a zip file (rename the extension please, because Oracle 
email disallow zip file attachement) which contains the updated RDDL and 
XSD files and their related directory structure.


Alex Yiu

Title: OASIS Web Services Business Process Execution Language (WS-BPEL) 2.0
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Web Services Business Process Execution Language (WS-BPEL)

December 2006


This document describes version 2.0 of the WS-BPEL namespace. It also contains a directory of links to related resources using the Resource Directory Description Language (RDDL) 2.0.

Namespace URI Versioning Policy

It is the intent of the OASIS WS-BPEL Technical Committee that the WS-BPEL v2.0 namespace URI will not change arbitrarily with each subsequent revision of the corresponding WSDL or XML Schema documents but rather change only when a subsequent revision, published in conjunction with a Committee Specification, results in non-backwardly compatible changes from a previously published Committee Specification.

Under this policy, the following are examples of backwards compatible changes that would not result in assignment of a new namespace URI:

  • addition of new global element, attribute, complexType and simpleType definitions
  • addition of new operations within a WSDL portType or binding (along with the corresponding schema, message and part definitions)
  • addition of new elements or attributes in locations covered by a previously specified wildcard
  • modifications to the pattern facet of a type definition for which the value-space of the previous definition remains valid or for which the value-space of the preponderance of instance would remain valid
  • modifications to the cardinality of elements for which the value-space of possible instance documents conformant to the previous revision of the schema would still be valid with regards to the revised cardinality rule

Related Resources for WS-BPEL v2.0

Normative Reference:

WS-BPEL v2.0

XML Schemas for WS-BPEL v2.0:






Related Namespaces


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