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wsbpel-uc message

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Subject: Discussion List Set Up: WSBPEL Use Cases

     At the request of the WSBPEL TC chairs, we have initialized an 
informal break-out discussion list on the OASIS site called [wsbpel-uc] for 
your convenience in discussing use cases for WSBPEL.
     The initial members who are subscribed to this list are those the 
chairs indicated as having expressed an interest in this break-out 
group.  TC chairs John Evdemon and Diane Jordan are set as the "co-chairs" 
of this discussion group, so they have the ability to change the roster 
     The list functions like an OASIS TC subcommittee list:  it is publicly 
archived, and can create its own members page and public document base, and 
TC members can subscribe themselves into it.  However, the WSBPEL TC has 
not voted to create a subcommittee, so this list is not a subcommittee, and 
no voting functionality has been added.
     Please feel free to contact OASIS staff (webmaster@oasis-open.org) or 
your co-chairs if you have any questions.
     Best regards
     Jamie Clark

~   James Bryce Clark
~   Manager Tech Stds Dev, OASIS Open
~   +1 978 667 5155 x 203 office
~   +1 310 293 6739 cel

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