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Subject: Re: From Use Case sub-group - Linking of Issues and Requirements back touse cases

Thanks Tony,
I've added the folks who have expressed an interest in issues/requirements to the copy on this note.  
I think obtaining email lists for the working groups we have is a good approach - it will help everyone stay informed and allow us to use the archive and scheduling functions on the web site.  I'll talk with Jamie Clark about setting one up for the issues/requirements and liaison (and others as we define them).

One thing we need to clear up - the original input from the authors defined issues and requirements the opposite way from what you described - ie, issues were pretty well understood and accepted issues with the current spec that needed to be fixed and requirements were items that were under review as possible issues (or which could evolve into other items such as a list for possible extension in a follow on effort).   Either way works, as long as we're consistent.  

Regards, Diane
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"Fletcher, Tony" <Tony.Fletcher@choreology.com>

06/18/2003 06:32 AM

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        Subject:        From Use Case sub-group - Linking of Issues and Requirements back to use cases

Dear Jeff - and others on the WSBPEL Requirements and Issues sub-groups,

Firstly, this message probably has not gone to all the members of the
Requirements and Issues sub-groups - Jeff could you pass on if

Secondly - for information - a Use case sub-group mailing list has now
been set up.  Members of the Use case sub-group should receive this mail
twice, once directly and once via this new list.  If it works we can
just use the list in future for mails to the Use case sub-group.

The WSBPEL Use case sub-group had its first Telecon yesterday under the
chairmanship of John (Evdemon).  I had an action to write this mail to
the Issues and Requirements sub-groups.

I made the point that Use cases may well (/should) give rise to one, or
more, issues and / or requirements (where we understand that an issue is
a potential 'problem' that has been raised that the TC has not yet
resolved whether to tackle and if so how to tackle - resolved issues
will include this determination, whereas a requirement, when agreed, is
something the TC has agreed needs to be addressed somehow in the

Likewise, each issue and requirement should be supported by one, or
more, use cases.

We therefore see a need for linking use cases to issues and
requirements, and vice versa.  We hope you will agree with this.

You should receive other messages from the use case group on the
procedures we currently intend to use.  We would like to correlate these
with your procedures, particularly so we can work out the cross linking
at the appropriate juncture.

Best Regards     Tony
A M Fletcher

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