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Subject: Agenda for today's Use Case Conf Call

Hello all,

As promised here is our agenda for today's call.  Please accept my
apologies for getting this out at the last minute.

Our call will run from 4-5 PM ET.  The call-in information is:
Toll-Free (US and Canada): +1 866 500 6738
Toll: +1 203 480 8000
Passcode: 600345

1)   Review of current status, volunteer needed to take minutes
2) Harvey Reed will discuss a document he submitted to the group (see
/WSBPEL%20Use%20Case%20Proposal.PDF).  Since no one has had much time to
review this document I will summarize it below:
 - Ideas about getting started and creating use cases pro-actively.  
 - Goal: create use cases that can be used for abstract/executable
 - Proposes the initial Use Case to be the Supply Chain.

3)   Review of Use Case candidates 
a. Review each candidate
For each use case there will be a brief review.  Depending on how people
feel, we can have a vote about presenting one or all of these candidates
on the BPEL TC conf call.  (Note: I realize that wedid not have
sufficient review time so we may have to push this off and vote via
email.)  We will need a volunteer to act as an owner for each Use Case
deemed worthy of presenting on the BPEL TC Conf Call.

b. Related topics:
 - Any concerns about the template?
 - The list was scraped out of past emails - any others I may have
 - Additional use cases?

4) Next steps/new business?

5) Schedule next call, summarize presentation to the WSBPEL Conf Call,
Review Action Items 

Meeting ends at 5 PM ET.

Sorry again about getting this out so late!

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