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Subject: Agenda & Call in number

To participate in the conference call: 

Toll-Free (US & Canada): 866-500-6738 
Toll: 203-480-8000 
Participant Passcode: 600345 

Please contact John Evdemon (jevdemon@microsoft.com) if you have any
questions regarding this call.

 - Roll Call

Administrative Items:
 - Review/Acceptance of prior meeting minutes
 - Verification of call date/time
 - Problems accessing documents/mailing list

- Yin-Leng/Chunbo may want to comment on proper use of terms 
- See prior emails from Yin-Leng and Chunbo 
- Should we rename the group?
- Do we need a more formal statement of objectives?

Use Cases:
 - Harvey Reed will discuss his Scenario Proposal
 - Call for other possible scenario proposals
   - Should be based upon "real world" processes/scenarios
 - Select one or more scenario proposals for presentation to TC next
 - Assign/recruit volunteers to document the scenario proposal 
 - Develop a plan/milestones for communication to the TC

New Business:
 - Input/opinion from participants regarding objectives, execution, etc

 - Meeting will run no longer than 60 minutes

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