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Subject: Re: [wsbpel-uc] Informal minutes - 7/28 con-call

Harvey, just to be clear, I signed up for investigating the use of Peter Furniss' tool used by issues group for our purposes and not necessarily for designing a complete "use case handling" process.  I can try, if I find the time, to take a swag at it, however, but no promise I'll do so before the next call.
In either case, I'll let you all know.
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Sent: Monday, July 28, 2003 5:43 PM
Subject: [wsbpel-uc] Informal minutes - 7/28 con-call



I donít think anyone took official minutes. I know I didnít J   However, I _did_ update and upload the proposal. It looks as though it has served its purpose to facilitate us into initial action items, which John will post. I also uploaded the WSI supply chain management use cases.


I believe the next steps for me (everyone please validate) are:


  1. Update the proposal doc and evolve it into two new docs:
    1. Usage scenario criteria (so we do not forget to find/create certain usage scenarios)
    2. Usage scenario instances (actually a template for such an inventory)
  2. Work with Ben so this fits with a ďprocess to populateĒ (I believe Ben has signed up for this)
  3. Work with Ben and John so we can explain all these pieces of our sub group to the TC at the next con-call


I believe thatís it for me, thanks everyone!


Harvey Reed

Technical Product Manager

Sonic Software




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