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Subject: Consolidated catalogue



Here is the synthesis of what Amand and others proposed last week. It is put into one catalogue doc, containing structure for both abstract and related executable use-cases. I believe we are thinking that for every abstract use case, there is one or more executable use cases. The previous concept of usage scenario is now embodied in abstract use case.


I attached the doc, because Kavi was suspiciously slow when I uploaded it earlier today…


Open questions are:

-          What is the appropriate relationship between the abstract and executable use cases? This relationship needs to be expressed in the template. Right now many of the fields repeat. I suspect this is not appropriate.

-          What is a good example of a simple drawing standard so we can sketch out business flows?


Action Items not claimed yet:

-          Someone to take a first stab at creating an eco-system of actors, and so forth, so we have a set of known quantities that can be reused from use-case to use-case.

-          Someone to propose the first use case that we try to do (start with abstract)


Anything else? What is missing?


Comments, critiques?


Harvey Reed

Technical Product Manager

Sonic Software




WSBPEL Use Case Catalogue [v01].doc

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