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Subject: Re: [wsbpel-uc] Conf Call today at 4 PM ET / 1 PM PT

>Reed: .....The rationale for having the "legal entitites" is so that when we see
>web-service-1 and web-service-2 called out in BPEL, we know (outside of
>BPEL) who owns what, so we can at least follow the use case, and perhaps
>even test the public/private nature of abstract and executable BPEL.
>Keep in mind, even in intra-enterprise cases, ownership is still important,
>and the distinction between public and private is still important. If you
>still feel that "legal entities" is confusing, is there a better way to
>approach this, keeping the ability to have one example world that we reuse,
>with public and private parts? 
mm1: Isn't public/private (and even ownership to an extent) driven by 
what is exposed and externally observable, regardless of where it is?  
See what I mean, public and private is often relative.
Thanks, Harvey.

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