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Subject: Updated Use Case Catalogue



We had a tremendously effective con-call today. Many thanks to all, especially Sally, Yin-Leng and John. We have now merged all template input (especially from Sally) into one Use Case Catalogue.


Here is the marked up Use Case Catalogue, v03


  1. I added explanation to places that get filled out
  2. I changed “Business Eco-system” to “Business Context”, removed “Taxonomy” and “Structure”
  3. “Legal entities” à “Business entities”
  4. In the template, I removed the “Ends When” row in the template because that is what the post-condition entries are for. If I do not understand something, please let me know.
  5. In the template, I moved performance goal and traceability to non-functional goal.
  6. General formatting cleanup


Please read carefully, this is substantially edited from v02. Please comment and critique, so we can quickly get the template in shape, so we can pick a simple use case, and go to the next TC con-call with good news…








Harvey Reed

Technical Product Manager

Sonic Software




WSBPEL Use Case Catalogue [v03].doc

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