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Subject: FW: [wsbpel-uc] FollowUp on F2F

Forwarding to the UC subgroup (I forgot to CC the list!)


> -----Original Message-----
> From: John Evdemon
> Sent: Monday, September 22, 2003 9:51 AM
> To: 'Sally St. Amand'
> Subject: RE: [wsbpel-uc] FollowUp on F2F
> I will summarize the presentation and reaction at the
> beginning of today's call.  Thanks for the recommendation!
> I blocked out time at the beginning of the call to discuss the
> catalogue and template - I would like you to walk us thru the
> template at that time.
> I agree that the Supply Chain is not a use case - it is one of
> many possible usage scenarios - each of which could break down
> into one or more use cases.  Am I mixing up the semantics (use
> case vs. scenario)?
> I agree that we should solicit examples/previous work, but we
> will still have to build out a BPEL representation (or do you
> see this as being outside of the scope of the use case
> group?).
> I tried to speak to Ram's need for a use case (Issue 43) in
> the context of vendor managed inventory.  I would like to get
> a few champions/volunteers to review he issues list and
> determine which issues (if any) would benefit by mapping to
> one or more use cases.
> > In my view simpl-eb is not a use case in that it is not
> > delineating a business activity. It is a business process
> > whose intent is to facilitate a business activity (i.e.
> > trade). Since BPEL's objective is to provide
> interoperability
> > among business activities, the business perspective has to
> be
> > the driver. Simple-eb is a standards approach to facilitate
> > trade.
> Simpl-eb can be used re-used to assemble larger use cases - I
> was trying to avoid "boiling the ocean" by taking on too
> difficult a scenario.  Since Simpl-eb represents the lowest
> common denominator for e-biz, imho it makes sense to start
> here and build up to more complex scenarios.  Should the group
> be focusing on exercising the spec or illustrating BPEL's
> application in real-world scenarios (many businesses do, in
> fact, implement Simpl-eb)?  Perhaps I am misunderstanding your
> point about a "delineating a business activity"?
> Can you walk us through this on today's call:
> > The Description Section of the template is intended to
> present
> > the use case in sufficient detail to convey understanding.
> The
> > items listed are what may be needed to capture a good
> > description, not a checklist. Use cases from business
> > personnel could be discouraged or misunderstood with the
> > inclusion of specific technical requirements.
> >
> > It will probably be necessary for someone, most likely from
> > the subgroup, to work with use case submitters to
> > develop/define the technical issues. The emphasis has to be
> on
> > a real business process that is a real world economic
> > activity.
> I totally agree - this is, again, why I thought Simpl-eb could
> provide a starting point for us.
> I look forward to discussing this in greater detail on today's
> call.  Thanks again for the feedback!
> JohnE

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