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Subject: RE: [wsbpel-uc] FollowUp on F2F

On Thursday, September 25, 2003 7:40 AM, Monica Martin wrote:
> mm1: I would be inclined to agree with Sally and expressed this when I
> suggested we focus on actual real-world use cases within and across
> enterprises.
We did not state that supply chain was a use case.  We agreed that
supply chain is a usage scenario that can be broken down into several
use cases.

Simpl-eb can be used re-used to assemble larger use cases - I was trying
to avoid "boiling the ocean" by taking on too difficult a scenario.
Since Simpl-eb represents the lowest common denominator for e-biz, imho
it makes sense to start here and build up to more complex scenarios.
Simpl-eb includes an order process which is a rather simplified
representation of a real-world use case.  The work done on Simple-eb can
also be aggregated into larger/more complex efforts.  Again, my goal was
to start with something simple rather than diving into a more complex
use case (no sense in modeling the complex processes if we can't even
handle the simple ones!).  

I think the difficulties we've encountered while establishing common
semantics and a use case cataloging process are further evidence that we
need to start with something simple and work our way up to more complex

I'm not sure I understand your concerns - can you expand upon your
previous message?



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