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Subject: Rough draft 1st use case and matrix


As promised, I have included 2 files (zipped) containing the topic of 
discussion:  A use case file and a consideration matrix.  Harvey and Sally 
and others have provided feedback.  Harvey is graciously working on merging 
our thoughts on this and progress is being made.

The matrix is just the framework that helps to share the organization of 
the use case and the areas it can potentially cover.  It is by no means 
complete (see the email about my concerns and my 0.02$).

The light blue and light orange areas are where, I think, we should put our 
initial efforts.

The use case document, too, has quite a ways to go, but I think it can 
serve as a starting point (I highlighted issue 66 as it relates to a 
particular execution step in runtime - there are potential matches to other 
issues that need highlighting elsewhere in the document).

Please feel free to provide feedback so we can incorporate them into the 

I thank Harvey for his efforts, and Sally and others for their initial 

Sid Askary


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