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Subject: RE: Use case artifacts

Hi Sally,


I saw the BCM call was going to be a conflict.   I have the draft BCM spec and plan to review it (I’m an observer in the BCM TC).






From: Sally St. Amand [mailto:sallystamand@yahoo.com]
Sent: Monday, September 29, 2003 3:06 PM
To: John Evdemon
Cc: Harvey Reed; Sid Askary; Rand Anderson; wsbpel-uc@lists.oasis-open.org
Subject: RE: Use case artifacts




Sorry I didn't make the 4 pm call. I had trouble downloading the files Harvey sent out. And I didn't get to them until later than I wanted to. It has been a busy day. Among other things I had the regular con call for the BCM TC today. The BCM spec is going to be posted to the OASIS site shortly for OASIS member comments, so it was an important call.


Harvey, as an aside, BCM is going to be reaching out to vendors shortly. You might want to take a look at the spec and see if Sonic Software has an interest. And, anyone else of course.


Back to the task at hand, I will look at the material and make comments if I can be helpful. Let me know what transpired and if there is anything specific I can do.



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