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Subject: Agenda for 4 PM Conference Call

Hello all,

This is a quick reminder that we have a 4 PM ET conference call today.
Here is the call-in information and agenda (please accept my apologies
for the delay in getting it out):

Toll-Free (US and Canada): +1 866 500 6738
Toll: +1 203 480 8000
Passcode: 600345


(1) Roll Call - 1 min.

(2) Status/update on last week's accomplishments - 2 min.
- I'd like to extend a quick word of thanks and congratulations to
Harvey Reed, Sid Askary and any others I may have overlooked for pulling
together some excellent deliverables for last week's conf call.  My
"real job" was a bit more intrusive than usual last week, causing me to
actually miss the call and lower my level of participation.  Now that my
"unrelated" deliverables are out of the way I look forward to
re-engaging.  Congratulations everyone on the excellent work last week!

(3) Review sample deliverables: - 15 min.
- Rajesh Manglani - proposal for definition of "entity" (and any related

"An entity is any legal or functional component of a business or an
organization. Examples of legal entities may include the entire
organization, divisions within an organization, roles such as buyer,
seller, etc.  Functional entities may be specific departments within a
legal entity like an accounting department or human resources."

The following additional information can be made available as a

"This definition differs from the UN/CEFACT's definition of a business
entity in the UMM specification which states that an entity is "...the
subject of Business Collaboration Activities that have independent
identity" or a concept representing the data that is shared in the
collaborative domain between two trading partners.   Examples of
UN/CEFACT business entities could be purchase orders, trade-items etc."

- Chris Keller - review/walkthrough of corrected sample BPEL and sample
WSDL (see attached ZIP)

- Sid Askary/Harvey Reed: Review/discuss management spreadsheet
    - Should classifications for AI and B2B classifications need to be

(4) Address current concerns: - 20 min.
- Sally raised the following concerns about the attached ppt:

Slide 5 does not answer the question by definition; and the use case
subgroup's primary artifact production should be use cases, not bpel

Slide 7 Implies we are developing use cases; ideally we would like to
expropriate (steal/borrow/use) existing use cases that have
applicability, and use appropriate business patterns even if they are in
available repositories that are not associated with a known
organization. The first point on Slide 7 I see in direct conflict with
slide 8's "create fictional yet concrete instances of..." I disagree
with the premise of slide 8. Not only does it imply engineering a result
but it will require a lot of work that I think other people have already

- We can discuss other concerns on the call if time allows.

(5) Planning/next steps: - 20 min.
- Build on last week's momentum - can we release a draft use case prior
to the next TC conf call?
    - Current considerations: 
           Order Process based upon Simpl-eB
           Supply Chain from WS-I

- Volunteers for supplying/managing a repository for use case artifacts

- We need a volunteer to serve as Use Case Catalogue Editor	
- We need one or two people to work on entries in the Use Case Catalogue

- We need a volunteer to serve as Use Case Champion
- Need two or more people to work on BPEL/WSDL, documentation, diagrams
and any other resources needed to complete the Use Case.

- Set milestones/delivery dates and assign tasks and responsibilities

(6) New business/outstanding items (may need to move discussion to
email) - 3 min.

(7) Meeting adjourns


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